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amazed by retro you help


amazed by retro you help

What happens with your money when you buy something from AMAZED BY RETRO?
It's the same for both channels, the webshop and the ebay store: A small fee goes to the webshop operating company, which sucks, but is a reality for trading online, worldwide.
After that, the majority of the money goes to Drahtesel. A small percentage goes to the crew behind

What does Drahtesel do with your money?
Drahtesel is quite a large bike shop located in the city of Bern, Switzerland. They teach regular apprentices, young people coming off of high school, who get a federal diploma in bicycle mechanics after three years. Besides that, the master mechanics at Drahtesel teach people who have been unemployed for a long time or who simply have no professional education at all, in bicycle mechanics. After an average stay of one year, they will have gathered enough skills to work at regular bike shops. What's important: Be it the apprentices or be it the adults: Both get a small, but meaningful salary. Meaningful because it gives value to their efforts and a partial financial independence. Now, naturally all these operations cost money, money for infrastructure, tools and most obviously salaries.
In Switzerland institutions like Drahtesel receive money from the state for their services to society, but they are required to make a large percentage of their income through their operations. And that's where ABR steps in: By selling the valuable retro parts that go through their hands to an international audience at a market price, Drahtesel receives an additional source of finances which in turn it can use to offer more and/or better teaching.

amazed by retro mechanic apprentice
amazed by retro service

What happens with your money at ABR?
Currently at ABR this is no real income. The work put into sourcing, logistics and top notch customer comunication cannot be covered by the earnings made. We do it because we love retro and because it makes sense to work with and for Drahtesel. But it is a goal of ABR to eventually pay one or two salaries around the federal minimum of 24.- CHF/hour. For that, ABR needs to expand its operations, something we aspire to do.

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